Home therapy and mobile services are available from us should your health issues prevent you from visiting us. We understand that some people are housebound and find it difficult to travel to receive the treatment they need. Perhaps the stress and anxiety of making the journey is an issue that holds you back from receiving treatment from us. Home therapy is also an ideal and a convenient way for people who cannot visit our clinic during the daytime, or may live in areas where transport is a difficult. Halesowen Acutherapy wants to help you have the most comfortable and relaxing treatment as is possible.

My area of coverage is up to a 10 mile radius from Halesowen Acutherapy Centre. An additional fee is chargeable for our travelling costs and petrol. Please call or email us for details. A ground floor room is preferable as we will have heavy equipment to carry. A suitable quiet room with adequate space for mobile massage bed is required. It would be ideal for the treatment to be carried out in a well lit clean room with ready access to a wash hand basin.


To allow you maximum relaxation, and avoid distraction, it is advisable that anything that can cause noise issues to be dealt with before our visit. Ideally mobile phones should be switched off; where possible landline telephones should be set to answer (i.e. answer machines).


Payment strictly cash, cheque or bank transfer please.

Booking Your Appointment

When you book your appointment I shall send you a fairly detailed questionnaire as an attachment for you to complete and return to me before your appointment.